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The COVID-19 landscape continues to change at a rapid rate, as does the impact that the virus is having on individuals and businesses in the UK.

In these uncertain times we feel that it is our duty as a food manufacturer to continue to produce kebabs for our customers and the wider public

We want to assure you that as a professional, SALSA approved producer, we are taking all necessary measures to ensure a continued supply.  To enable us to do this we are taking the following steps:

We are following all government guidance to the letter

We have carried out all relevant risk assessments and put measure in place to protect the well being of our work force and our customers including; stopping all non essential visits to the factory, stopping all but essential social interaction, providing guidance to staff to ensure that they are safe both at work and at home.  We also have additional staff on standby that can be drafted in if it is required and safe to do so.

Please also be assured that we have sufficient stocks of raw materials to continue production as normal and are making steps now to increase production to mitigate the effects of any spikes in demand or factory downtime.

We would ask however, that If you are expecting an increase in demand, that you place your orders in good time.

We would also like to take this opportunity to ask you to respect the safety of our delivery drivers. To this end we ask that you maintain a safe distance (approx 2m) from our staff when they are delivering and also put all payments in an envelope or cash bag to minimise the potent infection from cash.

We will of course stay in touch with you as the situation progresses and we wish you well as you navigate this unpresedented global event.

Warmest regards

Atalay Adiguzel MSC



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