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Having problems with your kebab?
Find out how to deal with some of the common problems encountered with storing and cooking kebab meat…

To avoid the problems outlined below, we recommend that you first read our kebab care guide which explains the best way to store and cook your kebab meat

Problem: Crumbling strips when cutting

Likely Cause: Blunt knife

Solution: Sharpen your blade. We recommend changing your blade every 2 months.

Problem: Blistering to the surface of the kebab

Likely Cause: kebab cooked on too high a heat or too close to the grill

Solution: Trim off blistered areas, move the kebab as far away from the heat as possible and continue cooking until golden brown.

Problem: Dry, cardboard texture

Likely Cause: Your kebab is overcooked.

Solution: Trim off overcooked meat, move the kebab as far away from the heat as possible and continue cooking until golden brown.

Problem: Pink meat exposed

Likely Cause: The top layer of the meat has been cooked too quickly (and/or) on too high a heat.

Solution: Move your kebab as far away from the heat as possible and continue cooking until golden brown.

Problem: Only cutting extra thin strips

Likely Cause: This happens when a knife blade has come to the end of its useful life.

Solution: You need to replace the blade on your knife and continue cooking and cutting your kebab.

Problem: Red Appearance

Likely Cause: Bacteria is growing on your kebab. This could be because it hasn’t been stored correctly – or has been refrozen.

Solution: Persuant to Food Standards Agency regulations – If your kebab has been left at a temperature of more than 8 degrees C for more than 4hrs its is unfit for human consumption and may appear red. Your kebab must be disposed of.

Can’t find an answer to your problem?

Want to get the most out of your Kebab?

Read our best practice guide to storing and cooking your kebab meat which includes tips and hints on how to maximise your investment

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Kebab Recipes For Every Taste
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Blue Label lamb Kebab

Available In All Sizes (from 20lb to 120Lb)

What Our Customers Say About Us

Istanbul Meats are a real pleasure to work with. They have an excellent team who always go the extra mile to ensure that I get the products I need, when I need them. My clients are always impressed by the continuity of their products, as am I.

Wholesale Distributor


I have ordered my kebab meat from Istanbul Meats for almost 30 years now and have always received a high quality product. They were recommended to me by a family member who knew Ali when he owned his own shop. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone, as long as they're not based within 5 miles of my shop!

Kebab Shop owner

Newcastle upon Tyne

Catering for a very specific, but large market, I needed a kebab meat product that was manufactured to my own tried and tested recipe. Istanbul meats are the only kebab meat manufacturer that I would use for my products, they really care about what they do and consistently deliver exactly what I need.

Kebab meat wholesaler


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