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A look at what a kebab label should include

In recent years, the rules around the labelling of kebab meat products has changed considerably.  We have always worked hard to stay on top of the legislation and ensure that all of our house labels and our clients own brand labels, are fully compliant and as easy to follow as possible.

The kebab industry doesn’t enjoy the strongest reputation in the food service market, but by incorporating all these changes, we believe that quality manufacturers will be able to help to improve pubic perceptions and drive up the professionalism of our industry.

That said, we still regularly see labels from manufacturers that do not adhere to the guidelines. We’re also aware that not all wholesalers or fast food retailers are aware of how their kebab meat should be labeled, so we’ve put together the following video to explain what you SHOULD see on a quality kebab meat product label.



If you have any concerns about the labelling on your kebab meat, the best place to stat is by contacting your local trading standards or environmental health officer.  They will need a copy of the label in question and can contact the manufacturer with any concerns.

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