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Since 1990 Istanbul Meats have been producing premium quality doner kebab meat for frozen food wholesalers and suppliers across the UK and Europe. Our doner kebabs are now enjoyed by tens of thousands of kebab lovers every week

Over the years we have pioneered exceptional doner kebab meat recipes for every taste and budget. Our house recipes include lamb kebab meat, beef kebab meat and mixed meat kebabs all spiced to perfection with our secret kebab spice blend.

We also manufacture white label kebab products for many of our customers which means that they can either sell istanbul meats doner kebabs under their own label, or pioneer their own recipes that we then produce and label for them. We can even develop your branding and marketing materials making it even easier to go straight to market


Quality Kebab Meat Manufacturing


For maximum profit you need a kebab with minimal waste, which is why our kebabs are manufactured with consistent quality from the first slice, right through to the core.  With over 25 years of experience manufacturing doner kebab meat, we combine modern technology with traditional hand finishing techniques to ensure maximum quality

Our state of the art kebab factory has been designed and build to the highest standards as have our manufacturing processes.  These standards guarantee that the very best care is taken through every aspect of the kebab manufacturing process and that our customers get the very best product every time



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Blue Label lamb Kebab

Available In All Sizes (from 20lb to 120Lb)

What Our Customers Say About Us

Istanbul Meats are a real pleasure to work with. They have an excellent team who always go the extra mile to ensure that I get the products I need, when I need them. My clients are always impressed by the continuity of their products, as am I.

Wholesale Distributor


I have ordered my kebab meat from Istanbul Meats for almost 30 years now and have always received a high quality product. They were recommended to me by a family member who knew Ali when he owned his own shop. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone, as long as they're not based within 5 miles of my shop!

Kebab Shop owner

Newcastle upon Tyne

Catering for a very specific, but large market, I needed a kebab meat product that was manufactured to my own tried and tested recipe. Istanbul meats are the only kebab meat manufacturer that I would use for my products, they really care about what they do and consistently deliver exactly what I need.

Kebab meat wholesaler


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